About Us

What we do?

Our vision is to feed Melbourne with easily accessible, quick and healthy food and beverages. We then add science and art into our vision.

Why we do it?

We believe healthy food should not be hard to find or expensive and should be enjoyable. We designed our products to fulfil nutritional daily intake with a taste of Korea. Our food keeps you more energised and we believe this will keep the economy going for future generations.

Who we are?

Entrepreneur and brand expert, Courtney Kim, started Bibimbap out of frustration over lack of healthy food options in the city during lunchtime. Our team is young and energetic, and we know how to keep you healthy.

Who’s talking?

"Tasty Korean bibimbap is one of our favourite speedy lunch or dinner options, and at Bibimbap (the awesome crowd-funded food truck in Melbourne), you'll get just that. We love the DIY approach—create your very own dish by adding meat and veggies to the traditional Korean rice bowl. Delicious! "
- Urban List